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    QV SAP Extractor [illegal parameter value ( function=SAP_CMACCPTP /parameter=handle / value=xxx”).

    Dirk Borsbach

      Hi All,

      the QV Connector using the SAP Gateway as communication pipe to get the data out of SAP.

      From security issues it make sense that the profile parameter gw/acl_mode is actived within the SAP System. If this parameter activated, the SAP Gateway will get the information from the file reginfo (Default: /usr/sap/<SID>/<instance>/data directory) which external programm can be use the SAP Gateway.


      In this case you have to add a entry to reginfo:


      P TP=QTQVCEXTR1 HOST=<Servername>,<FQDN Servername> ACCESS=<SAP Servername>,<FQDN SAP Serverrname>,internal CANCEL=internal



      That schould resolve the problem.