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    Expression conditional formatting and export in excel

    Claudio Consoli



      I'm experiencing the issue explained in this thread:


      Number formatting lost in excel export


      Summarizing : I have an expression in a chart that can take different types of values (numbers, %, etc.)  and i want to pass this type format to excel when i export with the built in chart XLS export.

      For the purpose my expression is left to "Expression Default" on the chart number formatter interface, then i apply the num() function with a mask inside the expression to show this as a number or a percentage based on the dimension value.

      Inside Qlikview this works very well and i can get exactly what i want, but when i try to export to excel all the numbers end up as strings on the exported file.


      I tried replacing the Num() function with Money(), from what i read on other sources this was the workaround until SR5, but it does not seem to work anymore on SR9.


      Anyone know if there is a workaround for this problem in Qlikview 11 SR9+?


      Thanks in advance,