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    How do I replace/change values under a column while loading data?

      Hi everybody!

      Really pumped to have found Qlik Sense this past week. I've already been able to create some amazing visualizations for our Call Center.


      I have a question surrounding the ability to change the values found under a column during the data load. For instance, I have a column of customer satisfaction scores that range from 1-10. The values in that column are 1-10, but we find the CSAT score by ascribing these values to those responses:


      0-6 = -100

      7-8 = 0

      9-10 = 100

      ...Then we find the average score from that 'grading scale'.

      I'm wondering if it's possible for Qlik Sense to automatically change all of my values to what I have listed above?

      Currently, this is a part of what I have appearing in the data load editor:




          TL as "TL Name",


          completion_date as "DATE",


          Rep_ATTUID as "REP ATTUID",

          Rep_Name as REP,

          Level3 as L3,


          level1 as L1,

          WTR_Score as WTR,

      FROM [lib://Desktop/Qlik\voiceraw.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);


      Is this where I would take the results for 'WTR' and code in the value changes?

      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!