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    Sense Server install on AWS - Issues

    Tony Iantorno

      Doing a custom install of Sense Server on AWS Windows 2012 R2 Server that has all ports open or the firewall is not active as this machine is an internal server right now, part of the domain network.


      The QMC could not be started as a "500 Internet Error" was received on the browser window. My question is does the https port or port 443 need to activated or setup on the firewall?


      The one option that was changed during the install was the path directory was changed from c:\.... to d:\.... So only the drive letter as the rest of path remained the same.


      The other issue that was noticed was that the PostgreSQL data still was installed on the c drive which is not something our IT group likes to see as the only want the OS on the c drive. Any ideas on how we get all of Sense to install on D drive only?