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    Log out of Qliksense Hub and IP white list

    Adnan Rafiq

      Dear All,


      I am facing couple of issue in Qliksense Server, I hope some one can help me.

      1. Whenever I try to logout of Qliksense Hub, it shows popup that I am not logged out. but redirect to same page and every thing is still accessible so necessarily log out doesn't work. At time it redirect to some error page where if you click on back button lands you again on open hub. (P.S. I haven't used remember me, or remember password option in browser)

      2. Second issue related to loging in. When ever i go to hub, it says it unsecure. I have enabled certificate on server. Can some one please refer me how to avoid that annoying page again and again.

      3. third issue is related to white list IP's to access system. There is option to add ranges in the server but issue is we are on public IP and management can access it from any where, specially when they are on foreign tours. Is there any option which doesn't require entering IPs for every access.




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          Alexander Karlsson

          1. If you have enabled windows authentication chances are that when you logout you will re-directed back to the Hub and then also logged back in again. This makes more sense if you have a custom authentication mechanism set up, i.e not using windows authentication.


          2. When Qlik Sense is installed it will generate a self-signed certificate for the host you entered during installation. Now some browsers will warn you about self-signed certificates or if you are using a different host/url then the one you supplied during installation there will be a mismatch between the url and the certificate.


          You can either turn off https and only rely on http in QMC or you could supply a valid certificate for the server, for example if you have a corporate SSL that is signed by a third party.


          3. The whitelist does not control every single client, it will check the origin header in the http request and match that against the whitelist. So you don't need to add individual IP address here but only the IPs/hostnames of the servers that is accessing the engine over websockets, typically your servers ip/hostname.