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    Restrict Login to Access Point for distinct AD user groups and nested user groups

      To: QlikView support


      We are experiencing issues with the Active Directory integration into QlikView dashboards.

      When we try to give access to a certain user group to the QlikView dashboards, some of the users within AD group can see the dashboard on the Access Point and some others cannot.

      We have reviewed several solution discussions on the QlikView community portal as listed below, but still we need to investigate our situation.

      We have viewed:

      Restrict Login to Access Point for users who are not member of Application Groups but member of AD



      Hide the application as per the users


      I have almost 20 application running on access point.. which includes HR, P&L, Sales application…What should I have to do if I want that If a HR user is login then He/She see only HR application and same as Sales and P&L users.


      Hide Qv App in Access Point

      It is possible to Hide the Qlikview Application in Access Point?



      Security without Active Directory



      Can we have a specialist review our setup and investigate the issue?


      Please advice,