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    Cannot access Qlik Sense outside of server

    Phung Le

      I have installed Qlik Sense on Windows server running Windows 2012R2 on Amazon AWS, and it seems to be working fine (e.g. access to QMC and hub).  However, when I tried to access the hub outside of this server using the external IP on Chrome or IE, I cannot.  The error is "This webpage is not available", and no prompt to log in.  I can ping to this server from my local laptop, so it is seeing the server.  From inside the server, I am using local users.


      Central Node:  host name is pointing to internal address given during setup

      Based on some discussions, I added the external IP to the websocket origin white list in Virtual proxies section

      I have allowed all traffic in.


      It seems like when connecting from outside the server, it is not recognizing or allowing me to get to the web server portion and prompting me to log in.  Again, I am not on the same network or domain as the server.  I am using local users.  Is there a setting that I am missing?