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    N Printing : How to manage Recipients

    RaviShankar Bodipudi

      Hi Community,

      First of all, sorry for asking NPrinting question in Qlik community but only here I think I will get my question answered.   

      I want to manage recipients and their associated filter on external EXCEL File and control distribution of reports based on external excel recipients. So if any new recipient want to subscribe for distribution, I will just add them to EXCEL with respective filter.

      With the help of NPrinting community, I was able to import recipient with filters into NPriting environment and add recipients to Report Task. When I try to automate, I can import recipients and their filters but they are getting assigned to Report Task automatically.

      As recipients and their filters just import but not applied to Report Task,  changes in excel not reflecting in distribution.

      How do we do that in NPrinting?


      Thanks in Advance