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    Force showing all values on x-axis



      I have loaded two tables into qlik sense and linked these: one with a calendar that contains (among others) a column for the date and the year/month combination, and one with orders, containing columns for 'shipping date', 'customer', 'product' and 'quantity'.


      Not every customer orders every product every month, and when I make a bar chart that groups sales by year/month on the x-axis, only the months in which there were sales are displayed (for example, if a certain customer only ordered a certain product in April and June of this year, and I filter down to this combination, it will remove all months except for these two from the x-axis, which does not look very good). I have tried switching on the 'show null values' option, but this does not work. I guess this is because in the source data these really aren't entries with null values, but rather no data exists at all.


      My question is: is there any way to force the chart to conistently show all months on the x-axis (or more ideally, only all months from the first to the last month in which there were sales), regardless of the customer and product I select, and regardless of whether any data exists for that month? In other words, all non existing data should simply show up as months with 0 sales.


      I have found some other threads on the forum asking for essentially the same thing (for example here), but unfortunately I have not been able to apply the solutions offered in these to my problem with any success.


      Thanks for the help!