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    Changing color for individual column header in a straight table

    Piotr Cylupa


      If you need customise labels in a straight table and for some reasons you can't use pivot table, I have prepared this little trick. This solution is not very friendly and have few limitations but maybe it will inspire someone to prepare better solution.




      How can you achieve such an effect?


      Source table:




      1. Adding dimension to a Straight table


      =ValueList($(=Chr(39) & concat( F1, Chr(39) & ',' & chr(39)) & Chr(39)),'Label')


      We use values from field F1 and add value 'Label' for name of dimension

      To use function ValueList we have to concat values from field F1.


      I have used this trick from this topic. @https://community.qlik.com/thread/135024

      Thanks rubenmarin


      2. In first expression we can use this logic


      IF(ValueList($(=Chr(39) & concat( F1, Chr(39) & ',' & chr(39)) & Chr(39)),'Label')='Label','Column 1',
      SUM(If(F1=ValueList($(=Chr(39) & concat( F1, Chr(39) & ',' & chr(39)) & Chr(39)),'Label'),W1)))


      If dimension is equal to our added value, we can put name of our label for this expression.

      In above expression I sum other values.



      3. In Presentation tab we check 'supress header row'

      4. In Sort tab in first dimension we use 'Load order - Reversed'


      5. Finally, we can customise our labels in first row.

      For example if we want to change background, we can change it in expression properties:


      =if(ValueList($(=Chr(39) & concat( F1, Chr(39) & ',' & chr(39)) & Chr(39)),'Label')='Label',Yellow(),10)



      Thanks to KatarzynaScibor for support