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    Line Chart



      Any idea how to show the data points on top of the line chart. In the attached example , data points are overlapping the graph

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          Pratik Chirmule


          You can try using symbols as Dots instead of Auto in expressions tab.

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            Burkhard Veidl

            Hi Senthil,


            there is a workaround to get what you want by using the dual function.

            Seems you have a line chart and marked 'Values on Datapoints' on the expression tab. Call this expression 'expression1'.


            In order to get your desired result add a new expression like this: expression2 = Dual(Num(expression1, '# ##0.0'), expression1 + const.) , check 'Values on Datapoints' for this second expression and also 'Invisible'. Now uncheck 'Values on Datapoints' for your first expression. Very important thing is to go to the number tab and mark the 'Expression Default' checkbox for expression2 otherwise the dual function does not work.


            The term const. is just the amount you want to shift the 'Values on Datapoints' up or down . If you want you can use a variable vShift instead of conts. and use a slider to adjust the shift easily.


            Happy qliking



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              Rudolf Linder

              maybe only a Workaround?

              duplicate your Expression

              define first Expression as line (without data Points)

              define second Expression as symbols with data Points

              goto axes and define second Expression as right axes and spilt axes (and hide right axes)

              work with % of right axes to best fit with your lines