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    If Statement Help - Qlik Sense

      Good Morning,


      I am currently building what I am calling an "Account Health Index" that will measure many different data points across my organization that will ultimately create a Health Score.


      What I am trying to accomplish is I want to assign a specific score or grade those various different data points this score then would be used as a combined total.


      Here is what I have so far...


      The following formula creates a profitability value of my accounts that we deliver shipments to, what I am trying to achieve is to ad a grade based on the total of the formula below. For Example,

      (Count({$<FISYR = {$(=year(Today()))}>} INVOICE)*65.00 -(Sum(SAGMDOL))) > 5000 = 10 Points

      (Count({$<FISYR = {$(=year(Today()))}>} INVOICE)*65.00 -(Sum(SAGMDOL))) > 2000 = 5 Points

      (Count({$<FISYR = {$(=year(Today()))}>} INVOICE)*65.00 -(Sum(SAGMDOL))) > 0 = 0 Points

      (Count({$<FISYR = {$(=year(Today()))}>} INVOICE)*65.00 -(Sum(SAGMDOL))) > -2000 = -5 Points

      (Count({$<FISYR = {$(=year(Today()))}>} INVOICE)*65.00 -(Sum(SAGMDOL))) > 5000 = -10 Points

      As always thank you all for your assistance, without the assistance of the community I would never have gotten as far as I have in build a solution for our orgnaization