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    Nprinting Vs Publisher

    george kastros

      Hi all,

      It is my understanding that Nprinting can do everything that publisher can and on top can provide extra functionalities like pixel perfect formating , excel file creation etc.

      My question is, for a new installation, why do i need to buy publisher?????


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          Kaushik Solanki



          You dont need to buy the publisher to use the Nprinting.



          Kaushik Solanki

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            Adam Barrie-Smith

            There are two primary reasons for investing in QlikView Publisher

            1. Allows the back-end reload Tasks to run on a separate server to the front-end QlikView Server machine.  This means the interactive user sessions are not impacted if you have to reload QVWs during business hours.
            2. The QlikView Publisher license unlocks the advanced scheduling features meaning you can have more than one reload task per QVW and you have Supporting Tasks which allow automation of other aspects of your solution that are not reloading a QVW.


            There is a document available from Qlik called "Why QlikView Publisher" - it is very useful, I could not find it in the community.


            All the best, Adam

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              Liron Baram


              publisher and nprinting are two very diffrent products

              publisher main goal in to administrate the qlikview server activity

              in regards to :

              -reloading the qlikview models

              -alerting administrators when there is error in loading process

              -distributing the models to other servers

              -managing the qlikview users who can see which model

              you can add a reporting capabilities to the publisher by purchasing the pdf reporter

              which allow you to distribute qlikview reports in pdf formats.

              where is nprinting is mainly a reporting tool

              that allows you to distribute your reports in various formats (HTML , XLs,PPT,Doc) and more

              allows you to distribute to each user only data relevant for him.

              nprinting can do  a reload of qlikview models , but i wouldn't have replaced publisher for this type of operations

              for several reasons : nprinting can only reload one document at  a time , nprinting needs a qlikview license to perform the reloads

              so the question is what you are looking for

              if you need a qlikview administrative tool i would choose publisher (that is the regular server capabilities aren't enough)

              if you need a reporting tool then nprinting is your choice


              hope this short explanation

              helps you

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                  george kastros

                  Hi Liron

                  -reloading the qlikview models --> Nprinting can do that but only one task/file at a time, right?

                  -alerting administrators when there is error in loading process --> What kind of alerts can publisher raise?

                  -distributing the models to other servers --> Nprinting cannot distribute .qvw files?

                  -managing the qlikview users who can see which model --> I dont get that. I think that security is either handled by windows (group a cannot access folder A) or through Qliview server (group A cannot see dimension member A).