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    check if qlikview server services are alive and able to response

    Marcus Sommer

      Hi all,


      are there any ways to check if qlikview server services are alive and able to response. I don't mean to look into the qmc or to check the services per windows services-check then the checks should be work automatically and a windows services-check queried only if the process is running and no error is communicated to windows - but this doesn't mean that the services worked properly.


      I have seen the suggestion to tools like Servers Alive - https://community.qlik.com/message/196427#196427 - but I'm not sure if this isn't too comprehensive for me then I want not monitor anything I want only to be able to notice if the services aren't response anymore - to restart the services or the machine.


      Maybe there are settings within the qmc or directly within the settings.ini which could do or at least support it.


      In my old environment I have had a routine which checked each 6 hours if users are active on the access point (per reading the session logs) and if not restart all services - but I don't want to use such routines anymore. I have thought to something like to ping the services - is this possible? Are there other (easy) ways? How do you handle this topic?


      - Marcus