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    Removed job still visible in schedule monitor

      We removed an Nprinting nsq job file in the job folder but the job is still visible in the schedule monitor.

      How can we remove it in the the schedule montor?

      In the Calendar view is the right mouse option delete not selectable.

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          Frank Savino

          To ensure your scheduled job has been removed:


          1. Open the NP Monitor to view the schedule. Hover over the schedule to view the path to the NSQ that contains the schedule and note the path.

          2. Open the path to the the NSQ noted in step one above using the NPrinting designer

          3. Turn off the schedule by click the 'active' button so that it becomes grey

          grey means inactive schedule.PNG


          4. Save the NSQ

          5. If the schedule has finished processing, the schedule will no longer appear in the NP Monitor.

          6. If the schedule is still there, then it could be running or hung up in the background. In this case, view the message in the Interactive services detection window to determine what's happening in the background service.


          If you continue to experience Technical Issues that you feel are a bug, pleas contact the Qlik Support Desk at the following link: Technical Product Support | Qlik

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              Frank thanks for your reaction.

              I tried the sugested steps but it did not work.

              The only result I got is that there is no next date anymore but the record is still visible in the grid view of the scheduler monitor. I also restarted the service several times.

              There is no Interactive services window for this job.

              Maybe these records are stored somewhere on the system because after restarting the service the log file mentioned the jobs that supposed to be there but not the one where there is no nsq file?


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              Frank Savino



              The item that you are highlighting is a schedule not a job. If you wish to disable/deactivate the job, then you first need to determine which NSQ the job is stored


              If you hover over he PER Supervisor Dashboard schedule with your curser, a path to the NSQ containing the schedule/ will popup up briefly. Make note of that. Then open that NSQ with the NPrinting Designer. Once in the designer, you need to deactivate the PER supervisor dashboard by click the 'active' button so that it turns grey.


              Save the NSQ. Then view the monitor again. You will find that the schedule has disappeared from the monitor.


              If you are still having issues after following these steps, please report this to the Qlik Support Desk where we can effectively show you how to disable the schedule or begin a deeper investigation if what you are experiencing is a technical issue. Technical Product Support | Qlik