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    Voice Control Extension

      Hi guys,


      I would like to share with you an extension I've just built, it lets you use voice commands to control functionality of Qlik Sense using Chrome.


      The aim is to give Qlik Sense better accessibility and also to do some fun demos!




      Currently this is for Sense 2.1 and works in the Chrome browser (since its the only browser that supports use of the microphone so far).



      Here are some of the commands you can do:


      "Say Hello"

      Prompts user with hello world

      "Clear Selection"

      Clears current selection

      "Go Forward"

      Go forward selection

      "Go Back"

      Go back selection

      "Lock Selection"

      Lock the current selection

      "unlock selection"

      Unlock current selection

      "reload app"

      Reload App

      "search for {SEARCHTERM}"

      Search for the given term, selects first associated value

      "clear {FIELDNAME}"

      Clear specific field name

      "Lock {FIELDNAME}"

      Lock specific field name

      "Unlock {FIELDNAME}"

      Unlock specific field name

      "select alternative {FIELDNAME}"

      Select alternative value within the specific fieldname

      "select excluded {FIELDNAME}"

      Select excluded within specific field name

      "Show me {SHEETNAME}"

      Navigate to another sheet with the given field name.