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    Koushik G

      I have a requirement where i have to generate number of PDF reports using NPrinting.


      There a two filters



      For Specialty 'Allergy & Immunology' i have to create separate reports for each of the Facilities Available. In this case there are 7 Facilities. So i have to create 7 reports for Allergy & Immunology.


      Similarly it goes for other Specialty as well.


      I am new to NPrinting and I understand that i have to give each and every selections in the filter option available.

      This might involve lot of physical work giving each and very possible filter conditions manually. So is there any alternative approach for this where the manual effort might get reduced.


      Can anyone help me on this please.

      Let me know if further clarification is needed.

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          For this you can make a report with single filter and while applying condition drag and drop the filter field on the report then it will give separate reports for each filter..Dont manually apply the condition

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            Daniel Jenkins

            Hi Koushik,


            QlikView NPrinting gives you several options. Let us take the below example data model where one continent (field name Continent) can be mapped to several countries (field name Country).


            Option 1: If you want a separate PDF report for each country with filename in the form <Continent>_<Country>_<timestamp>.pdf you can Cycle the report by fields Continent & Country and use dynamic naming.


            Option 2: If you want a separate PDF report for each continent that contains the corresponding countries on separate pages you can cycle on field Continent and Page on field Country. If you retain the output as Excel, you will get each country on it's own sheet.

            Option 3: If you want a separate PDF report for each continent that contains the corresponding countries in separate sections one below the other, you would cycle on field Continent and use a Level with field Country.

            Option 4: If you want to create any of the above but only for say Europe and South America, you would create a Filter for only those 2 continents and apply it to the task.


            Sample project attached. Extract to folder C:\Temp\QC_KG to preserve the paths used or you will need to change them in the NSQ. Run each task and find the resultant reports in your Default output folder.


            Since you are new to QlikView NPrinting I suggest that you visit NPrinting 16 Training & Installation/Upgrade Information, go through the videos and download the sample project. Play around and explore the many sample reports to get an understanding of it's myriad features.


            HTH - Daniel.

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              Sara Leslie

              Hello Koushik,


              It looks like you have received some helpful answers here and I hope they lead to a good resolution of your report printing. Please be sure to mark the correct and helpful responses so that the members who took time to respond receive points for their time.


              Best Regards, Sara