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    More than 10 rows/dimensions in QlikSense extension

    Martin Mahler

      Hi community,


      I hope this one is going to be straight forward and simple.

      Taking the existing table-template.js file as an example I am trying to create a simple table extensions object. Everything works fine and I seem to be able to populate my HyperCube but only with up to 10 dimensions or metrics. I reckon this must be due to the defined attribute qWidth: 10, however extending it to more than that does not make any difference. It seems to me that a hypercube can only fetch a maximum of 10. Can someone confirm if this is true?


      Furthermore, I thought, adding a second hypercube (based on the same underlying dataset) should solve the problem but here I am running in, to me, unknown areas. How do I properly populate the second hypercube (let's say with columns from 11-20 .e.g) and refer to them?


      My requirement in summary: I am trying to display a table extension object with more than 10 dimensions/metrics. How do I approach it?


      I appreciate any hints or examples if available.


      Many thanks,