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    Need a method to fully collapse a Pivot Table upon change in Select State

      I am looking to a modification to Pivot Table functionality. I want the table to fully collapse when a value is selected, changed or cleared in a specific column.


      New property name:


      Collapse upon Select State Change - Column Name


      Provide a property field in the Pivot Table object to be able to enter the name of a column / dimension that will be used to trigger a full collapse of a pivot table whenever the select state of that column changes.  When a value is cleared, un-selected or selected in the referenced column / dimension, collapse all levels of the pivot table.  The user will then start with a fully collapsed table based on the new select state and navigate from there, manually expanding and collapsing levels as needed.


      If no value is entered in the "Collapse upon Select Change  - Column Name" property, the pivot table functionality is unchanged where it is not automatically collapsed but is manually expanded and collapsed by the user.