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    Instructions on assembling zip with certificates for QDC

    Christian Lindholm



      Are there any instructions on how to assemble the zip file with certificates that the QDC needs when incorporating an existing site.

      I have exported the client, server and root certificates (3 separate certificates) on my central node (including private keys and protected with the same password). Should I name these files in some specific manner before i zip them or what am I doing wrong when the QDC interface just gives me error messages when I try to use my zip file in the "Incorporate existing site" screen?


      Error message: "Cannot fetch the certificates. Make sure that you have selected a valid certificate .zip file and entered the password that was used when exporting te certificates from the central Qlik Sense Repository Service (QRS).: Cannot find the root certificate"

      If i only put my root cert in the zip, I get the same error message except that it "cannot find the client certificate".