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    Qlikview NPrinting Email Settings

      Hi all,


      I am new to Qlikview NPrinting and I have installed Qlikview NPrinting Designer in my machine. (Version SR3)


      Based on the tutorials , I have created reports in NPrinting . I face some issues while distributing the reports to recipients.


      Under Email Settings , there is two option, SMTP and Simple MAPI. Can you please brief me the difference between these two?


      I checked the SMTP option and proceeded, but i am getting an error message.Please find the attached Screenshot.


      Kindly help me to sort out this.


      Note: Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is installed in my machine.


      Thank you very much in advance.




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          smtp is the option where the email is sent out through your email server.  Simple Mapi will send the email out through whatever email client you have on the workstation running the task (the email must be up and running at the time the task is run).  If you are running reports through the nprinting service, I definately go with smtp


          I have never seen that message before - at what point do you get it?  when you send out a test email? clicking OK?


          if you are getting the error when trying to do a test email, you may want to try and run a task that would send out the email and when you get the error, look in the nprinting task log - it may have more information


          it could also be a security issue - you may need to talk with IT because an outside program is calling your email.


          You could alsways try changing to simple mapi - that will validate user id/password, sent from etc to rule any of those out