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    Information regarding AJAX ZFC pages



      I'm new to Qlikview AJAX ZFC. I understand that if we create the AJAX ZFC pages thru Object Client Page Generator in Qlikview 9, we can share the document with people who doesn't have Qlikview in their machine. Is this true.

      If the actual Qlikview document is modified then do we need to generate the AJAX ZFC pages again manually to update the changes.

      What are the limitations of this approach. Can anyone help me to undertans this technology better.

      Thanks in Advance

      Jinisha Joseph



        • Information regarding AJAX ZFC pages
          Bill Britt

          AJAX ZFC is another way the user can view the QlikView Document through the server. The QlikView server is required for this to work. The nice thing about version 9 server is that it will generate the ZFP pages for you on the fly.

          If you are using the manual process, you will have to generate new pages if you make any changes to the dashboards.

            • Information regarding AJAX ZFC pages

              Thanks for your response.

              So for AJAX ZFC Client or Internet Explorer Plugin Client, we need the QPR Server with CALS respective to no. of users. So which is the best approach to share and access documents thru Qlikview Server. Is it true to say that if the Operating System is something other than Windows like Linux then we shud go for AJAX ZFC as it doesnot support qvw.

              Can you please clarify


              Jinisha Joseph