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    Data transformation: Rows to Columns

    Katie Almirall

      Hi all!  I have a spreadsheet of reimbursements- where every transaction has it's own row (see below):

      John Smith$10.001-2-15
      John Smith$5.001-3-15
      Jane Duncan$15.001-4-15
      Jane Duncan$15.001-5-15
      Jane Duncan$25.001-6-15


      I'd like to combine the data so each person gets their own row, and every amount and date for that person becomes it's own column:

      NameAmount (1)Date (1)Amount (2)Date (2)Amount (3)Date (3)
      John Smith$10.001-2-15$5.001-3-15
      Jane Duncan$15.001-4-15$15.001-5-15$25.001-6-15


      How might I transform the data in the load script to accomplish this?