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    Import data from Hadoop / Hive on Qlik Sense

      Hi Qlik Community,


      I'm working on some HDFS data and try to do data discovery on a database created on Hive, but I got a little problem here and I neeed some help.


      On Hue (Hadoop Web Interface) I can see the databases on Hive.


      Actually I got 2 databases :


      - 1. One of them is created by importing Oracle data by using Sqoop.


      - 2. The other one is created directly by using files on HDFS.


      My goal is to analyse the data of the second one.


      On Qlik Sense, I succeed to connect on Hive with an ODBC Connector (Cloudera Impala) but when I try to add data from the connection I can only see the data of the first database 1. I can see and select both databases but no data in tables of the second one 2.


      I'd like to know if someone got the same problem before, or some advices to get around the problem.




      Best regards,


      Shengda Liu (Beginner on Qlik Sense )