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    previous month data

    raadwiptec g

      hi all,


      iam using nprinting to deliver the data . I am trying to apply a filter for one of the columns called transaction date. Basically I only need previous months data .


      please suggest

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          P M

          You can use filter like


          =date(addmonths(max([Date]), -1), 'MMM')

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            raadwiptec g

            it is not getting filtered

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              raadwiptec g

              hi Daniel,


              Iam using a report with following data


              transid ¦ custname ¦ billing date

              1              xxx1          12/12/2015

              2              xxx2          11/12/2015

              3              xxx3          10/12/2015

              4              xxx4          09/11/2015

              5              xxx5          08/10/2015


              My first problem is I have a Year and Month List box. So whenever I open the report fresh. it shows 2016 and chart shows empty as their is no data for 2016. So I want to make it always all data visible


              secondly I am calling this report via nprinting. and would like to limit the data only to last month before sending to the user. I tried couple of option with billing date as mont(now() -1 ...et etc but it is not filtering

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                  Daniel Jenkins



                  Regarding showing all values when the QVW opens I believe you need to un-check the Always one selected value check box in the General tab of the list box properties.


                  I gather that you have a QVW with a list box and chart like this:

                  ...and you want a report filtered only for billing date falling in the last month like this:


                  I would:

                  1. Add a calculated field (YearMonthNum) in the load script like this


                  LOAD * INLINE [
                  transid, custname, billing date
                  1, xxx1, 12/12/2015
                  2, xxx2, 11/12/2015
                  3, xxx3, 10/12/2015
                  4, xxx4, 09/11/2015
                  5, xxx5, 08/10/2015

                  LOAD *,
                  Year([billing date]) & num(Month([billing date]),'00') as YearMonthNum
                  RESIDENT T1;

                  DROP TABLE T1;


                  2. In NPrinting use a Field filter defined like this:


                  I have attached a sample project. Please extract to folder C:\Temp\Community\025 in order to preserve the paths used.


                  HTH - Daniel.

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                  raadwiptec g

                  the above is not giving any results..

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                      Daniel Jenkins

                      I just checked and it is working fine.

                      * Did you extract to folder C:\Temp\Community\025?

                      * Did you check your Default output folder after running the report task?

                      If it still does not work can you attach the log file (look under File > Options > Log settings to get the location)?


                      - Daniel.