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    [2.1.1] Basic visualization unavailable in Mashup Editor

    Nicolas Stefaniuk



      I have created a basic Mashup on Mashup Editor on my workstation, with QlikSense desktop running but I can't access to basic visualization (like PieChart).


      I have created a new Mashup using a template (tried 2 or 3 kinds of templates, like "Grid mashup template" for example), then I have picked an app using the menu on the top left corner, the app is accessed without issue and I can see the data using the menu "List" or "Hypercube" on the right.


      But if I want to drag and drop a chart from my application, I click on the chart on the left menu bar, the preview opens and I get an error instead of the preview, like "visualization not available on this server : piechart" (sorry the real message is in french : "visualisation introuvable sur le serveur : piechart").


      However I can see a preview of my own visualization, that I have created as extension.


      Moreover if I drag & drop the object in my Mashup, it is displayed without any issue, with data and format, etc.


      So I guess it's just a minor bug of Mashup Editor but it can be very cumbersome to find the good chart among severals in a big application.


      Thanks a lot for your help.