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    Active Directory mismatch in Qlik Sense

      I have a customer that has an international active directory set-up e.g. with user directories at a global level, stepping down to company and domain levels. All of the AD groups and users seem to be set up at a company level.


      When I pull the active directory into Qlik Sense, the connection is LDAP://servername.global.company.domain. The additional LDAP filter is OU=USERS,OU=CountryName,OU=RegionName,OU=All Allowable Areas,dc=global,dc=company,dc=domain.

      The user directory listed in the user directory connector list screen says GLOBAL.


      However, the list pulls users in at the COMPANY level - with all associated groups etc. attached. This is good except that the users seem to login/authenticate at the GLOBAL level i.e. the username at the login screen defaults to GLOBAL\UserID.


      As a result, the synchronised users list does not match the logon list - except for the UserID.


      I want to be able to set up security rules according to AD groups, but because the groups do not exist at the GLOBAL level, it does not work.


      Any ideas on how to get Qlik Sense to associate the users to the Global level while still seeing all of the AD groups and roles?

      Or how to get people to login so that the users pulled in match the logins?

      Or am I even asking the right questions here?