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    How to create Separate NPrinting Development Environment

    Zeeshan Adeel

      Recently we upgrade the Qlikview environment and now we're using different directories for Qlikview Development and Qlikview Production environment.


      Now our Qlikview development copy is saved at      \\FileServer\qv-dev\SourceDocs\5.NPrintingQlik\1.Application\NPrintingQlik.qvw

      AND production copy is save at                                \\FileServer\qv-prod\SourceDocs\5.NPrintingQlik\1.Application\NPrintingQlik.qvw


      I want to have a separate NPrinting Development environment so our developer can work in that environment without touching production Qlikview and/or production NPrinting files.


      Most of the developers wouldn't have production environment access.


      All of the above are already in place and we're happy with it.


      Now the challenge is whenever we promote NPrinting *.nsq file in production we have to open it in NPrinting Designer and change the Qlikview documents path to reflect the production environment.

      I personally thing that we should not be changing the Qlikview document location whenever we promote the changes in production. Is there anyway that we can achieve this? I could not see any option in NPrinting.



      BTW, I was thinking to create Map drives in both environment but so for I'm just thinking about it.


      Thanks for the help.



      NPrinting Connection Window.png