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    PixelPerfect Report- An image on the top of the other



      I am now bit used to Npriting, however I was requested to design a report in PixelPerfect to be exported in PDF and I have never used PixelPerfect.


      I am trying to adjust two images (one on the top of the other), when I do it only the smaller image shows up (the one on the top), but the bigger one vanish.


      - I already sent the images back and front

      - Ive used the Picture Box

      - I have been researching for tutorial regarding PixelPerfect Report but I couldnt find that much information, most of it is about tables.


      Is there a way for me to manipulate the images so it can be shown in PDF? Or any complete tutorial for PixelPerfect?


      Thanks for your help.