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    Create a Dynamic Color in Bar Chart

      Hi Experts


      I’ve a challenge to do after tomorow:

      I’ve a chart which shows the Top Customers of my Company.

      To customize the Top I’m using a slicer to allow user to select the top that he want.


      I was challenged to create a dynamic color in the Bar Chart that shows the best customers (first half) would have to be with green tone colors (but can't be a static color, it to start in first customer with a lighter green and finish with a darker green). And the worst customers with a dynamic color orange.


      The problem is that I don't want the same RGB Green for all the best customers and not the same RGB Orange for the worst. I want a pattern that begin on a lighter color and go to the same dark. I Started to use some RGBs with the Rank Function but I've habe a problem with that because I am making this assignment static.


      Imagine the example:

      The user select 4 Customers in slicer (which shows the 4 customers with major profit):

      1ºCustomer - Light Green

      2ºCustomer - Dark Green

      3ºCustomer - Light Orange

      4ºCustomer - Dark Orange


      But if customer select 8 Customers:

      1ºCustomer - Light Green

      2ºCustomer - Less Light Green

      3ºCustomer - More Less Light Green

      4ºCustomer - More Dark Green

      5ºCustomer - Light Orange

      6ºCustomer - Less Light Orange

      7ºCustomer - More Less Light Orange

      8ºCustomer - Dark Orange


      Is there possible?