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    EDX ----  HELP!!!!

      We have been looking at the 9.0 SR3 manual and the EDX trigger section has us confused. Under 8.x we triggered jobs via a url call. Is this still the case. Can someone give us a clear example and description of how we accomplish firing off tasks remotely?


      Mark Tracy

        • EDX ----  HELP!!!!

          Try the vbs code below, regards

          Dim url, doc, uid, pass
          url = "http://myQVAppServer.MyDomain.edu:4720/qtxs.asmx"
          doc = "MyTestDoc.qvw"
          userID = "myuserid"
          pass = "myPassword"

          MsgBox ReloadEDX(url, doc, userID, pass)

          Function ReloadEDX (dsURL, document, userID, password)
          Dim requestKey, xmlhttp, requestData, httpResult
          set xmlhttp = createobject("msxml2.xmlhttp.3.0")
          xmlhttp.open "post", dsURL, false, userID, pass
          requestData = "<Global method=""GetTimeLimitedRequestKey"" />" & vbCrLf
          xmlhttp.send requestData
          requestKey = xmlhttp.responseXML.selectSingleNode("//GetTimeLimitedRequestKeyResult").text
          requestData = "<Global method=""RequestEDX"" key=""" & requestKey & """><i_TaskIDOrTaskName>" & document & "</i_TaskIDOrTaskName><i_Password /><i_VariableName /><i_VariableValueList /></Global>" & vbCrLf
          xmlhttp.open "post", dsURL, false, userID, pass xmlhttp.send requestData
          httpResult = xmlhttp.responseXML.xml
          If xmlhttp.responseXML.selectSingleNode("//TaskStartResult") Is Nothing Then ReloadEDX = httpResult
          If xmlhttp.responseXML.selectSingleNode("//TaskStartResult").text = "Success" Then ReloadEDX = "Reloading of " & document & " has been started"
          ReloadEDX = httpResult
          End If
          End If
          End Function