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    User directory Connectors (UDC) in Qlik Sense

    Mrudul K

      Hi Qlik Gurus,


      I have User table in Database which has structure like -


      UserName    Password

      User1            Pwd1

      User2            Pwd2

      User2            Pwd3

      I would like to create custom users in Qlik Sense using this table.

      I have tried going to QMC > start > User Directory Connectors > create New > via SQL (ODBC)  with following configurations

      (as attached in figure).


      When I click on the Apply button, I am getting below error -

      The User Directory Connector (U DC) is not configured, because the following error occurred: Exception when trying to connect to the data source. Edit the connection string ¡n the user directory connector configuration.


      The User Directory Connector (UDC) is not operational.


      Can anyone please let me know, whats wrong with the configuration.


      Please assist.



      Thanks & Regards,