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    how to fetch the data from sap database

    naveen kumar

      Hello ALL,

      I have a requirement for my project ,the thing is in this project the source where i need to fetch the data is from SAP Database,

      the client provide me all the credentials which require to connect SAP Database ,by the way the connection is successful,

      As i am working for first time on SAP Database i have no clue how to fetch the data generally i worked on SQL Sever and Oracle Sever where once the connection is successful we can fetch the data by using SELECT button which is underneath of CONNECT button,but i came to known SAP has unique way to fetch the data i mean to say over here we need to write a query to fetch data if i am not wrong


      suppose if my table name is SALES.the query i am predicting is


      select * from SALES

      Store table into path/sales.qvd


      is this the way to fetch the table(data) from a sap database  or is there any other way. please guys it will be great if you reply me with one proper script level query