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    Index on page loop excel

    Amien Amien

      I have an excel template which contains a page loop. This loop will create alot of sheets.

      Is it possible to create some kind of index sheet with a clickable link to the specific sheet?

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          Amien Amien

          /Up .. this is not possible?

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              Daniel Jenkins

              Hi Amien,


              NPrinting also supports Excel Macro Enabled Workbooks (.xlsm) so you can use VB script to achieve what you want.


              I have attached a project that creates the following Excel file. A macro that creates the links is triggered whenever the file is opened. If the LINKS tab already exists it deletes it first.

              When you click, say, F:

              Extract to C:\Temp\Community\033 to preserve paths used or change them in the NSQ. Run the Task (task) to create the file. If you open the report template remember to preview as Xlsm:


              HTH - Daniel.