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    Bar Chart with variable bar

    Fernando Martini

      Hi everyboy,


      I need to create a bar chart with a variable bar depending on a setted value through an input box.


      Each month of 2016 (green bar) should be the same value of 2015 plus 10%.

      Is this possibe? Any suggestions?

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          Stefan Wühl

          Try a bar chart with dimension Month and 4 expressions ,like


          =Sum({<Year = {2013}>} Sales)

          =Sum({<Year = {2014}>} Sales)

          =Sum({<Year = {2015}>} Sales)

          =Sum({<Year = {2015}>} Sales) * (1+vPercentage)


          vPercentage being your variable set in the input box

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            Hirish V


            May be like this,


            INPUTFIELD InputVar;
            LOAD *,
            0 as InputVar
             INLINE [
                Customer , Sales
                1, 2200
                2, 1100
                3, 1200
                4, 1100
                5, 2100
                6, 12000


            Front end :

            Bar Chart with,

            Dimension :






            By Using Value list will call both of the expression into a bar like this,


            Bar Chart with Input Variable-204505.PNG


            Hope this Helps,