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    Qlik Sense Maximize Chart

    Juan Carlos Vera Hernandez



      I have created an App which shows some charts and pivot tables.


      In the Hub I can maximize every object, but when I embedd the App in the web page this feature disapears and can't maximize them.

      I see as well that the mouse's right click do not shows the options for exporting data, etc. when embedded.


      Is this a bug?

      I'm doing something wrong? or is the standard behaviour.

      Thank you very much.

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          Francis Kabinoff

          Hi Juan,


          You would have to handle those things yourself. For instance, the qlik sense charts you have on your webpage will take the height and width of their container elements. So if you wanted to mimic the full-screen button from the client, you would need to add a button that made the container element of the chart full screen, and then call qlik.resize() to resize the chart.


          To export data you can get to the data of an object you get with the getObject() method like so ...


          app.getObject(<elementID>, <objectID>).then(function(model) {

               // can access hypercube of object now with model.layout.qHyperCube