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    Table Glitch? Bug?

    patrico mesri

      Hi Community.


      I have the following data loaded in the script:


      Sponge Bob3
      Patrick Star1


      In a sheet I have a table and I'm using "Name" as dimension but with an if statement:


      If(Match(Rank, '3', '1.'), "Name")


      This gets me a table with the Names only when Rank is equal to 1 and 3. Everything is fine till here.

      Now, when I want to use the search and type a Name, it won't show up. Right after start typing a single character, it shows no matches....

      I type, P, Pa, Patrick, whatever, it won't show up, but he is in the table, I can see it, the problem is when I try to search for an specific guy using the filter.




      Qlik Sense 2.1.1

      Thank you.