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    Not able to scroll page in mashup due to default client.css

    Mark Wallington



      This might be a basic CSS question, so apologies if so. I'm new to this and hugely excited by the potential of mashups. I have been prototyping a mashup using the freely available AdminLTE bootstrap theme.


      All works really well, apart from not being able to scroll the page as soon as I add a QlikSense object. The issue goes away if I remove the link to the Qlik client.css stylesheet from the page - <link rel="stylesheet" href="../../resources/assets/client/client.css" media="all">.


      So it seems something in there is conflicting with the CSS of the main page and stopping the scroll.


      Realise that could be a difficult question to answer and very site specific. So just looking for whether there are any obvious answers I may have overlooked.