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    New to Qlik Sense Desktop -- have Map question

    Joshua Campbell

      Hello everyone.  I am very new to Qlik Sense Desktop (actually, Qlik in general) but I am excited about the possibilities of things that I could do with this.


      I am trying to make a map.  So, for this, let's say that I have this data:


      AGreat Inc.Oranges15
      ASuperb CompanyPears30
      BGreat Inc.Oranges45
      CSuperb CompanyGrapes60
      AGreat Inc.Grapes75
      CSuperb CompanyOranges90

      Note that GeoCode was generated using GeoMakePoint in the Data Load Editor using Longitude and Latitude.


      On this map I want to put dots (or something) on cities that sell a Product with different colors for each Product, and have the dots vary in size according to the sum of sales. How would I be able to create a map that would show this information?  And, would it be possible to have a drop-down somewhere so that I could filter on Company?


      I am guessing that to accomplish this mapping I would have to do some combination of a measure on the dimension and then in Appearance set the Colors to be By Measure, but that's just a guess.