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    Nprinting - Power Point - Page - Top 5

    Mike Czerwonky



      I am working on a project that creates a power point output in Nprinting.  I have a field called member name that has as many as 1500 people in it.  Each person has their own demographic information that I have put in 4 straight tables.


      I would like to cycle through these and have one member per page in my power point slide show.  I can do that with the page function in my power point template.  When I have a large number of members, the power point can be more than 1000 pages long.  It also takes a long time to cycle and generate the report


      Optimally, I would like to specify the number of member pages that get cycled.   I have tried creating a variable that only shows the top 5 records on my QV app and it does limit what I can see in QV, however the page function in Nprinting seems to have a mind of its own and gives me all of the records.  I can not use current selections as it would affect the other charts in my report.  I have tried using triggers, that are only affected when the current sheet is active, but Nprinting does not seem to respond to them.  Complicating the matter is I would like the members that I choose to show, whether it  be the first 5, 25 or however many sorted alphabetically.


      So, is it possible to limit the page function in a power point template?     In the Nprinting  tutorial for this feature, it shows using a year field to cycle through pages.  Is it possible to limit it to say the last 3 years or a subset of the page field with a formula?


      Banging my head against the wall to come up with a solution.


      Please offer some suggestions.

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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Mike,


          You can use a variable to show top n. Remember to page on the the chart with top n values.


          The attached project will allow you to set the value of variable vTopN in the QVW or in an NPrinting Variable Filter to any value and restrict the output accordingly. As you can see, the alphabetic sorting on SalesPerson is also retained. I have disabled the variable filter but you can always enable it and test with different values.

          Extract to folder C:\Temp\Community\037 to retain the paths used or change them in the NSQ.


          HTH - Daniel

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              Mike Czerwonky

              Hi Daniel,


              Thanks again for your guidance.  I was doing most of what you suggested but I was missing one thing and it took me hours to figure it out.  I was trying to add my individual field name as the page and it kept cycling through the whole list ignoring the vTopN variable setting.  I then sat and  really analyzed the settings in your example and figured out that I had to add my chart to the page and then I could select my field.  As soon as I did this, it worked.


              So, paging works fine with individual field name if you want all of the records, but if you want to take advantage of Top N using dimension limits, it seems you have to specify the chart in the page.


              page must be chart.PNG




              Along the way, I also figured out that exporting straight tables of data takes significantly less memory and file storage space than images.  Although, I am fond of my image exports, for apps that require several hundred pages or more, I am going to adapt to tables for output.


              Thanks for going the extra mile and sending me the example files, they were a huge help!