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    Npriting Conditional Format Rules - Pixel Perfect

    Deborah Pyykkonen

      I have a report with 2 levels (Company then Business Focus) then details by metric code.


      In the detail section I have metric details and one of the details is a text field with Green, Yellow or Red as possible values.


      I want the background color to be the same as the text value for each cell.  Green = Green background, etc...


      I created 3 rules following the tutorial on this site.  But it is assigning the entire column the same color.  Isn't there a way to create one rule nested if to choose color, If(Status = Green, Green, If(Status = Red, Red, Yellow))).  Based on the rules editor below, I don't see how that can be done.


      See bottom image for results.  sorry for sloppy image .  I don't have a good capture tool on this laptop.  The cells should be Red where it says Red and Yellow where it says yellow.


      FYI, I tried the rule with and without the max() aggr,, same results.  Nprinting rules don't allow maxstring() so not sure if max() works with text.





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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Deborah,


          As always it is best if you provide a sample QVW and a mockup report of what result you expect.


          I have attached a project that might give you some inspiration. It uses three rules to set cell background color to Red, Yellow or Green depending on the text value of the Rating field ('RED', 'YELLOW' or 'GREEN').

          Extract to folder C:\Temp\Community\041 or change the paths in the NSQ.


          HTH - Daniel.

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            Deborah Pyykkonen

            Thank you Daniel.  I will try to find time to mock up a generic app.  But in the meantime, I am not looking for background formatting.  That I can do.  I am looking to do EXPRESSION formatting.


            6 differ formats depending on what the metric is:.  I created a field in QlikView called Metric Format with a code through 6 for each of the below.  I can easily do the background in Qlikview, but cannot see a way to change the number format.