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    Publish using Loop field in document



      Here is my problem:

      - I have one file QVW with a field which contain email adress of my recipients;

      - I would like to use the funtionality "loop field in document" on this field to publish to my recipients.

      => But it doesn't work.

      The log message is:

      (2010-05-13 09:49:21) Information: Dynamic Distribution for field EMAIL returned 1 possible recipients.
      (2010-05-13 09:49:21) Information: Searching using "EmailAddress" using parameter "EMAIL" returned nothing
      (2010-05-13 09:49:21) Warning: Dynamic distribution returned no recipients using "EmailAddress" using parameter "EMAIL".

      For debbuging I put only one email on my QVW corresponding of a user which is declared on the custom directory of QV.

      => But it doesn't work :'(


      Could you help me?

      Regards, JG

        • Publish using Loop field in document
          Vlad Gutkovsky

          Yeah I doubt this would work unfortunately. As far as I know, you cannot just use arbitrary email addresses for QVW distribution. Rather, you can only use email addresses that are specifically tied to user accounts. This is because QlikView is intended as an enterprise solution. Usually, email distribution is to an Exchange email address that is tied to a Windows user account, but there are other ways of setting this up. If you want to use an arbitrary email address, you could create a custom directory and populate it with users having the arbitrary email addresses you require. You would then need to change your QVW to list the custom usernames instead of the email address and check against that. Note that you would need to switch to DMS mode for any of this to work. Other than by using a custom directory, I don't know of any other ways to send to an arbitrary address.


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            Just select "No validation" in distribution task > Distribute > Loop Field in Document > Check user identity on