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    gidon david

      Hi  - I have challenged task ( for me)


      I have a request from my customer to create a qlik document


      Actual sales  V  Budget .

      Budget is made by , month , category , agent

      every agent gets a budget by month and category .


      the document should be daily .


      working days are Sunday to Friday- it means that we have to  divide the month budget to working days ,

      and set a budget to each working  day .



      ( all days are working  exclude day no 7 - Saturday  .) 


      enclosed is a sample excel file with 3 sheets

      first is sales data  .

      second is budget by agent , month , category ,

      third is a list of all days from Jan 1 to march 31  2016 .


      I need to show a gaudy object  that shows the status  of Actual sales  V  budget  ,   until today  .


      the selection will be , agent , category , period , year to date , month to date  .


      thanks for the help