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    Table SAP does not return Data | TimeOut

    Vinícius Sefrin

      Good afternoon people,


      You have gone through a situation in which certain SAP table does not return the data?

      LOG is a table that has many records, the table is the CDPOS


      The Qlik is trying to read for a few minutes and the error:




      Or via BAPI could run, after 7 hours of run error. We checked, and according to SAP consultant, the error is TABLESPACE.




      LOCATION    CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode

      ERROR       no conversation found with id 58363381

      TIME        Mon Mar 14 16:49:05 2016

      RELEASE     720

      COMPONENT   CPIC (TCP/IP) with Unicode

      VERSION     3

      RC          473

      MODULE      r3cpic.c

      LINE        9101

      COUNTER     3



      How can I fix this?


      This limitation is the Qlik or SAP?