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    Date conversion problem in Nprinting

      Hi ,

               In Npriniting->excel Reports in formulas i am using an expression as "date(weekend(today(),0)-7,'DD-MMM-YY')" ,

      I am using this formula to display date of weekend.

      while in designing report it is showing correctly but after generating into excel report the date is showing the next day date.


      consider as per my formula output date is 19-mar-16 but it is showing as 20-mar-16.


      can anyone give solution to this problem?


      thanks in advance.

        • Re: Date conversion problem in Nprinting
          Mike Czerwonky



          I was able to duplicate your error.  Definitely peculiar.   I tried several variations of your formula in an Excel template without success.  I then tried using your formula in a power point template and it worked fine.  So, my conclusion is that Excel is not interpreting the formula the same way that Nprinting is.


          You might try creating your formula in your QV app and assign it to a variable.  Then you can just drag the variable into your report as an already calculated date, thus eliminating the "mis-interpretation" of the formula by Excel.


          Hope that helps