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    Loading very slow in single page mashup

    Boon Haw Tan

      Hi All,

      I built a single page mashup with all quite many of objects using tab toggle but it take long time for loading objects into mashup.

      Besides i could feel the mashup page is lag when making selection.


      Thus, i tried to separate it into few pages mashup using identity. Unfortunately, the current selection in page A are disappear when i go to page B. I'm using "No anonymous user" access mode.

      Below is the config:-


      var prefix = window.location.pathname.substr( 0, window.location.pathname.toLowerCase().lastIndexOf( "/extensions" ) + 1 );

      var config = {

        host: window.location.hostname,

        prefix: "/",

        port: window.location.port,

        isSecure: window.location.protocol === "https:",

        identity: "rvga1b2c3d45e"



      Would need advice on how to preserve current selection across mashup pages.

      Is there any hint i could do to improve the loading speed if single page mashup like load the active tab first?



      Boon Haw