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    Qlik Mashup - Hide an HTML based on a variable in Qlik Sense

    Isabelle Timmermans



      I want to hide an option in my HTML menu based on a variable in Qlik Sense.

      My variable name is Dashboard and it contains either an Y or an N. If it is a Y i want to show a specific page within my Dashboard.

      I tried this: But it doesn't work. I call an other variable above this one and that one works. But i can't figure out why this one doesn't work.


      Can you help me?



      Kind regards,





      app.createList({ "qFrequencyMode": "N", "qDef": { "qFieldDefs": ["DASHBOARD"]},

                                     "qInitialDataFetch": [{"qHeight": 20,

                                                                               "qWidth": 1}], "qLibraryId": null

                                      }, function (reply) {

                                     var dashboard = value[0].qText;                                  

                                     if (dashboard == 'Y')







                                       } });