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    QLik Automation Personal Edition version 12 with c#

    Tobias Rueger

      I use Visual Studio 2013 / c#:


      Is there any possibility to automate / programmatically use Qlik View Application / Document ?


      I also use QlikView Personal Edition 12 (free / not QLikView Sense)


      Which are the right references, do I need a plugin ?


      I read several articles but did not found a suitable answer which dlls I really need.


      Can anyone send me sample code for getting access to local qLik instance and objects (I do not have server solution)


      and which dlls I need and where I find them ?


      Thanks in Advance



      using QlikOCXLib;


      using QlikView;


      QlikOCX q = new QlikOCX();


        q.OpenDocument("C:\\ProgramData\\QlikTech\\QlikView Tutorial\\German\\Arbeiten mit QlikView\\Test.qvw");


      here i got error: catastrophic failure