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    Filtering not workign properly

    Niklas Söderqvist

      Hey guys,


      I have a import recipient task from a excel file with cleitns and their filtering. It works fine


      A client has a parent account 1 and sub accounts 2,3,4. I sett these as 2 filters and it works fine!

      But my problem accurs whenever I want to jsut fitler on 1 condition like the parent account and by that include all subaccounts.


      This doesnt work for me, I set parentaccount to 5 wanting it to take parentaccount 5 and all their subaccounts. I leave the filter 2 field empty. but when run the report it just takes everything from the database.... No fitlering at all.


      This is annoying because some big clients have many many subaccounts under their parentaccount, instea dof listing all I want to filter ju by toplevel meaning parentaccount.


      Any suggestions?