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    Single Integration API - Identity Parameter



      We are trying to use single integration API to integrate Qlik Sense dashboards into our web application.

      We are referencing to this article: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense-developer/2.2/Subsystems/APIs/Content/single-integration-api.htm


      This article mentioned identity being one of the parameters, used to define a session identity.

      Unlike other parameters, identity parameter doesn't come with an example code so we tried &identity=<UserName>.

      This doesn't seem to do anything or make any difference.


      Does anyone know how to use this parameter? An example would help tremendously!

      Thank you very much!

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          Erik Wetterberg


          The identity parameter is used to separate user sessions. If the same user has several sessions connected to the same app (like the client and single) they would normally share the same session, that is selections in one would affect the other. To separate them you give each a (separate) identity.


          Hope this helps



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              Hi Erick,


              Thanks for replying to my question.

              If I understand you correctly, without defining identity, if A opens the same app twice and B opens the same app twice, it would have consumed 4 sessions.

              On the other hand, if we define identity for A and B, it would have consumed 2 sessions, right?


              Is the "Session" in this context the same as the "session" in login access license (1 login access = 10 sessions)?


              We are trying to embed Qlik reports to our internal website and we are trying to make sense out of licensing. If you happen to have experience in this area, would you mind sharing some tips?


              Thank you so much!